Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Made Money on My Walk Today

Yes, I did. I made $.70 on today's walk.

My Collection Today.
Every day's walk along the Gravel Road nets me several beer cans, and sometimes, bottles. It's odd. I walk the same couple of kilometers nearly every day, and, there's ALWAYS at least one beer can. Even on Monday mornings.

I pick the cans up on my way, smash them flat and toss them over to the other side, and collect them on the way back. Sometimes, in the summer, I have to shake out dead snails. In the winter, there's often some ice inside. Right now, they're just plain wet and dirty.

Who ARE these guys, these beer can tossers? Is it the same bunch of guys every night?  Or are there several groups? Is there a group that drinks, say, all the Coors light and another that favours Busch or Bud Light? Are they local or are they using the gravel roads as a short cut between distant points where they won't be caught by the O.P.P.?

I'm an equal opportunity beer can picker upper. To me, they're money. Not much per can—a dime a piece—, but it adds up. And cleans up the Gravel Road. I take them back to The Beer Store for refunds. It's the only reason I've been in a Beer Store, ever. I don't drink the stuff, but I'm happy to bring back the empties. (It's even better now that they take care of wine, cooler and liquor bottles!)

Free Money. More or less. Usually I take my money and run— straight to the Starbucks next door.

But this month, I'm going to put all my dimes and nickels and loonies into a separate container. It'll be part of my Intelligent Advanced Savings Plan. Let's see how much it DOES add up to!

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