Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Signs of Spring... 100% Chance of

Just about anything-rain, snow, wind, hail...
I have to watch the western sky on a cloudy day before a walk. Today I got to jog home to the rhythm of rain. It's that time of year when winter's claws are still clutching onto spring's soft side. As spring strengthens its hold, winter slides further and further into memory. Until that time, though, it grabs and reaches up, time and time again, throwing all kinds of nasty at us. I had to give up the barefeet this week and pull down the gloves again. The windows are closed and the cats are not amused.

Signs of spring here?

Robins.. not so much. They're a pretty hardy bunch and it can quite easily snow even when they're here. They do strut on the road on a sunny warm day, though.

Tundra Swans- we're on their flight pattern north to the Arctic Tundra. They stop in our area for several days, thousands of them. Their wing song is beautiful as they fly overhead. They're large birds and the sound of hundreds of swans vibrates through the windows.

Killdeer... a true sign of spring. They don't perch on branches. A kind of suit and tie beach bird, they find obscure places on the ground for their well- camoflauged nests. Their sound arrives before they are sighted. Their leaving later in the year is a sure sign that summer is over.

Skunks. Best left alone. Cats seem to have gotten the message.

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