Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is Spring, the Mud is Riz

How unlike March break for it to be sunny and warm! To look at the entire yard and contemplate cleaning it up is too much. I've made a raking list or sections.

I'll be sure to check them off as they get done.

The shells of the sunflower seeds I've been putting out all winter for the hundreds of birds that tease my cats have created a cushy area in front of the office windows. The seeds that have not been de-shelled are now sprouting. I tend to let them go. See how many will get the chance to become sunflowers.

The Egyptian onions are up and I just may clip a few green stalks for dins tonight. Or tomorrow. There are weeds in the garlic beds because I didn't get any straw down. That will have to be remedied. Catnip is up, according to at least one of the cats. The starlings are hell bent on getting their nests firmly in place in the holes around the windows.

What's on your cleanup list?

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