Friday, March 20, 2009

I Miss My Greenhousey Thing

It's on days like this when I miss the contraption that The Farmer built a few years ago to support my gardening addiction. The 'Greenhouse' as we called it was, essentially that. A plastic structure built on a wooden frame, nailed into the side of the house, it had holes along the wall edges, but it also trapped the sun.
I had wooden benches in there, all my planting supplies, pots and trowels, containers and labels. It was also a convenient storage area for my bike and its carrier, and it served as a drop off/pick up place for when we weren't around.

Once I was ready to start seeds, I could muck about in there for ages, spilling dirt and playing with water to my heart's delight. Then the Greenhouse became, well, a greenhouse, keeping the new plants all cozy and warm. I could sit out there, even on bluster February days when the sun was out and stay warm. On a day like to day, I could open the studio door and let the warmth and the bird songs in. In the spring and summer I put my yard tools inside- even the wheelbarrow.

The cats LOVED the greenhouse. I'd find one or the other of them curled up in the Lee Valley dirt tray or in a bit pot, filled with dirt, that was waiting for plants or seeds. Sometimes, they'd just sit on the bench, head stretched up to the sun.

It's gone now, of course. It went as part of the brick removal Event.
I miss it. I have to walk the bike back to the barn. The plant containers are still in the shop. The cats sit on the doorsill, but when it's cold, it's cold. With all the rearrangements around here, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage the seeds and things. I'm sure it'll work out.

In the meantime.. I miss my Greenhouse.

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